Sunday, 30 May 2010

Rock 'n roll is everywhere......

So I've booked a few days off work and have a whole bank holiday to relax, watch rubbish tv and stuff my face with whatever is nearest  - but no. Apparently I can't relax any more. Apparently editing is what makes me tick these days (or spending seven hours colouring in my own rubbish drawings - see yesterday's post).

Last weekend I was in Oxfordshire with some of the band i'm playing in doing some recording (for an upcoming album that you should all buy because it's going to sound absolutely beautiful and amazing - even the flute's in tune) and when I wasn't swearing at myself and somehow forgetting how to play three notes, thus necessitating the need to try over and over and over again, I was filming stuff.

The more I looked at the flowers in the garden, the more they resembled teenagers filming themselves rocking out. I even met a plant that danced like Iggy Pop. So what else could I do? i put them in a music video set to the incredible strains of Saw Gang Buzz - thanks guys!

So here you are - Rock 'n roll is everywhere......

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