Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Lazy lazy me, lazy me.....

There are worse things I could do......
Stockard Channing, Grease.

Okay so by now I'm supposed to have finished my film, by now I'm supposed to have announced my new task and I'm supposed to be showing you the glorious results of artistic something.

But I haven't done any of the above.
But fuck it - this isn't university. I don't have to prove myself. The sun is shining, I'm full of Hagen Dazs and I've got two series' of Northern Exposure to watch, so you can all just bloody well wait.

I have been doing something though -

I've been playing in an amazing and fantastic band (I'm the one unsuccessfully hiding behind the accordion player.)
So I'm going to hang on to their shirt tails and fly away for a couple of days whilst I finish the video.

Have fun lovelies xxxxxxxx

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