Friday, 14 January 2011

It's votin' time kiddies - get your votin' hats on and head down to that comments section (or else I'll cry)

Okay kids - so I've written seven story lines for seven possible screenplays.
Now I'm going to take a week off to concentrate on my music career.

No seriously, I'm going to concentrate on my music career.

Yeah I know that's what everyone says when they quit the cast of Neighbours when they're actually secret coke heads - but I really am. I can't afford to be a coke head. I work for a charity for heavens sake!

Anyway - cast your votes below, or I'll remake Titanic on a dingy.

Love love love xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Thanks Jess! You can have a cameo for responding!

  2. Woohoo! Cameo for me, although don't I need to be famous for the cameo to really work?

  3. Definitely robots but only if they're dressed up Be Kind Rewind style!

  4. Having thoroughly read and reread the options I say make Phillip (with two l's) and his horsey ways.

    I like the lost soul misunderstood and looking for romance. The documentary could be trying to find him a girl/boyfriend, nominated by his parents.

    I can see the before and after photos, everyone thought that was why he lacked confidence with women, a few talking heads (cheap) and the final beautiful shot of the horse running free.

    It sounds fun, accessible and cheap to make.

  5. Robots. Or Jordan. But Robots.

  6. Surely the dance extravaganza is an epic feature film.

    You can't squeeze time travel, political intrigue, and a dance/burgeoning romance montage into 15 minutes and do them justice.

    Or can you?