Saturday, 1 January 2011

I'm back baby.....

Well hello there blogosphere, it's fabulous to see you and contribute my little burp to the unending noise that pours forth from you. So following a bottle of tequila, several banana daquiris (which were fabulous by the way, crafted lovingly by me) and vast quantities of cheap cava (reduced in Sainsburys) I gave myself a little new years lie in this morning but now I'm back to sprinkle my artistic thingies into the world.

So for the past three months I have been hiding out a little and not blogging. (I love the fact that the spell check here dislikes the word blogging, oh cheap irony) but I haven't been completely inactive. Basically I haven't had much to say - or rather if I started to express myself it would just come out in a nasty scream that would continue until I pass out on the floor. I am, of course, referring to our beloved government, you know - the ones who lied to the electorate continuously throughout their campaigning and then barged in with a shit load of cuts and ideological decisions that would make Thatcher blush if she wasn't an evil cyborg wearing a woman suit.

No amount of art, no amount of blogging and no amount of screaming will put this situation right, so instead I did the brave thing and hid. I hid in my quite lovely life and made lots of t-shirts instead. I also knitted. I will be posting pictures of everything that I've knitted and printed pretty soon, but first I have to get everyone I gave the aforementioned items to to take pictures of them and send them to me. I'm not a very practical person apparently!!!

But it wasn't to last - setting up this blog last year was one of the best things I've ever done because it made me get off my arse and get something done. I made four videos last year, I recorded songs and let people hear them, I wrote cartoons and discovered that I have a small and very specialist amount of artistic talent. I was in an advert for crappy bingo, I played flute on four albums and I encouraged six people to dress up in wedding dresses and go crazy in Finsbury Park. I made my life better and even if I can't counteract the bastards that are dismantling the country, at least I can spread a bit of love.

So - here are my plans for January, I'm going to find a guitarist and start a band, and I'm going to write a script for a 15 minute film. So far today I've posted an ad on Gumtree. That's the easy bit done anyway. As for the rest - I'm just going to have to push myself.

Watch this space. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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