Monday, 10 January 2011

The ultimate champion of everything

Caroline is 15, ginger, overweight and sarcastic her best friend Molly is eight months pregnant and called Molly - suffice to say that everyone at their school hates them. However due to their amazing friendship and the fact that everyone else in their school are dicks, they don't really care very much.

But even the two outsiders can't help noticing that something strange is going on at the school. Every day it seems another outcast is turning up with something missing from their personality and the top of their heads and no one seems to be doing anything about it.

After an unfortunate fighting incident Caroline is put into detention by Miss Roper, the scary Biology teacher where she uncovers the terrifying secret that the most popular girls at school are taking part in a terrifying ceremony of penfighting, led by the teacher herself.

After being caught evesdropping she is forced to bring her own pen fighting skills out of retirement, having buried them and the shameful secret that she has carried to this day before fighting the ultimate battle of good versus evil penfighter in order to save herself, her school and her rapidly going into labour best friend.......