Sunday, 9 January 2011

Back to screenplays about lost souls in seaside towns.....

And then what? A treatment for a 15 minute film by J Rosie Ratbag 

It's 1993, Lily, a 71 year old woman is living in temporary accommodation in a crumbling hotel on Clacton seafront. As part of the Care in the Community scheme, which took place in Britain in the 80's and 90's Lily has been moved away from the mental hospital where she spent the majority of her life, having suffered several nervous breakdowns in her mid thirties.

Lost from the routine that permeated her entire life Lily finds sanctuary walking the beach during the day, sometimes accompanied by her bawdy, funny niece Alice.

On her walks she begins notice a fellow walker, a crap transvestite in her mid 40's called Diana. Lily follows Diana on several occasions, following her into charity shops - (quickly buying the clothes that Diana perused) and to a local community centre, where Diana teaches a drama class.

The next day, accompanied by Alice, Lily attends the drama class and begins to get Diana to take notice of her, although her shyness prevents her from speaking. They audition for the upcoming play and Alice is awarded the part of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet whilst Lily plays a tree.

Rehearsals for the play go well, as seen through a montage sequence, and Lily begins to break the ice with Diana. The two of them almost speak on several occasions.

Then, on the night of the show, disaster strikes. Brian, the strange man who was due to play Romeo has to pull out due to work commitments and Diana is forced to step in. Meanwhile Alice has an allergic reaction to the seafood dinner that the ladies cooked themselves the night before and swells up - having to be taken to hospital. No one else is available who knows the part and time is of the essence.

Prompted by a visit from the Virgin Mary in a cup of tea Lily finds the courage to speak and admits to Diana that she knows the part word perfectly. The show goes on, with a perfect kiss and both leads being showered with roses at curtain call.

Two weeks later Lily and Alice are preparing to go on one of their walks,  Diana shows up as they're leaving the hotel and the three walk away together.

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  1. Awww, that's so sweet, I like the happy ending, and particularly like the virgin mary appearing in a tea cup!