Sunday, 10 October 2010

New Film.....

And there you'd all been thinking I wasn't up to anything.
Last Sunday myself and six beautiful brides took over a rainy Finsbury Park and made some art.

Music is by the amazing Rodney Fisher  and the brides are: Alex Trotter, Alix McKenzie, Andrea Lee, Jeanette Leach, Sumby Nawaz and Leila Hernandez. It was the best filming day ever with six of the coolest ladies known to humanity!


If you can't make this link work it's also on my Youtube Channel:
And Myspace:

What else can you ask for?! xxx

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  1. the VOICE OF REASON!!!!!!!!!!18 October 2010 at 03:41

    Frankly I am appalled - how is this sort of foolishness going to help any of these young ladies find a husband? Instead of mocking the sacred institution of marriage they should be practicing their cooking and laundry skills for the day when they are ready to settle down with a nice man and start having babies!