Wednesday, 2 February 2011

More thoughts......

Just call me Prince Hamlet. I can't decide!!! It's like picking which one of your children you're going to send to school whilst you're keeping the others in the basement.

So instead, and fuelled by reading about Miranda July - who I LOVE LOVE LOVE, here's her website - I strongly recommend you go and read it. I've decided procrastinate artistically by dreaming up ways to make the existing screenplays better and, please Zeus - cheaper to make. Or, in fact, free! (Dear mysterious benefactors - please donate me cash and I will make you art. No questions asked.)

So here we go - starting with the robots. A series of ideas:

  • The robots will not be made of cardboard, otherwise I'll be horribly ripping off Flight of the Conchords, which loads of people have seen and will know I've been horribly ripping off. (Not that I'd rip off anything people hadn't seen! Promise! It would kind of defeat the purpose.)
  • Instead the robots will be made of electrical applicances glued together and pushed with sticks - unless I can find someone with a bit more talent than me to help (volunteer below)
  • Natasha is a luddite, pure and simple. She spent years being mocked for her mobile phone from the 90's and the high pitched screams that eminate when she tries to edit Word documents - her saviour comes in the form of her 90's mobile phone, which, whilst being forced to work as an enslaved soldier for the evil robots recognises her and rallies the other electrical goods from the 90's to start the revolution against the robots.
  • I have two stereos, three mobile phones, a shit hand blender that came free with something and a radio alarm clock that I can hand over to this cause.
  • All of the teenagers aren't really teenagers - they're merely people in their late 20's and early 30's who have failed to behave like adults.
Strangely enough, merely having these thoughts has helped to quell the rage that is currently coursing through my body due to the collective anxiety caused by people who claim that men experience more sexism than women, government spending cuts and the existence of the Daily Express.

Oh - no, rage is back.
I'm off to distract myself with more creativity.


  1. I prefer the idea of electrical appliances rather than cardboard robots - kind of like the angels, but like, more robotic. Sweet.

    ALternatively Jim makes actual robots, though ones that look, act, and love like humans could be pushing it a bit

  2. Good thinking Evans - how could I have forgotten about Jim's amazing talents. Does he work for free?! The alternative is me supergluing appliances together so they don't have to be completely perfect!!!!