Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Mummy I'm afraid of the government

In my hour of darkness, 
In my time of need,
Oh Lord grant me vision
Oh Lord grant me speed.
Gram Parsons.

Hey everyone. I've been feeling a little downbeat for the last week - it's either my menstrual cycle or possibly the fact that a snake oil selling, melting chinned, lying, conniving, bullshitting, scumbag Tory sack of shit is about to take over the country.

Okay it's not my menstrual cycle.

In case anyone who is thinking about voting Conservative reads this blog - which is probably unlikely unless you have no idea who you are voting for and you really a extremely stupid in supporting feminism whilst voting for a bunch of old boys - then I'm making a last minute plea .....

If you don't want a government in the UK who want to:

  • Abolish human rights laws
  • vote against gay rights - or just cure them.
  • victimise unemployed people - IN A FUCKING RECESSION
  • Throw us back into economic shit with cuts to front line services
  • Grant tax cuts to the richest people in the country so they can keep their big fuck off houses
  • Re-instate fox hunting 
  • Listen to climate change denialists - or even be them in some cases
  • Live in the pocket of Rupert Fucking Murdoch whilst vandalising the BBC
  • Are supported by Simon Cowell
Then don't fucking vote tory. Don't vote for these fuckers. Please don't vote for them.

If you want more proof then here is some from The Independent; and the environmental impact, and their views on single parents, their views on fox hunting, their views on gay rights and their links with Murdoch.  Or we could just look at the holes in their manifesto.

I know Brown seems to have pissed a lot of people off - but he's nothing compared to the alternative.
So go out tomorrow and vote yellow, red or green, just don't vote blue,

Don't vote for David Cameron or any of his cronies

 I don't think any amount of artistic expression can offset those wankers.

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