Thursday, 27 May 2010

And here it is ladies and gentlemen......

Here it is. The very thing you haven't been waiting for for the last month.

Here is my baby for you to view, poke, distribute (TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW) and stare at open mouthed like George Osborne pretending to contemplate the economy when really he's thinking about whether to have caviar or quails eggs for supper and whether to visit the dominatrix or just dress in a giant nappy and run around the place for a bit.

Please let me know your comments below. Please don't make me cry. I haven't slept much lately!!

I'm afraid the quality is a bit shit - I think this is due to it being hosted on Youtube but if there are any people with more internet knowledge than me (perhaps the entire world) who has any useful suggestions then I will try and get a better version out.

If you're interested in hearing more by Looceedee (and why wouldn't you? She goddamn rocks, not only that but she lets me pilfer her music for videos without seeming to mind) then go and take a gander at her myspace

Gary does all sorts of lovely things you can have a look at here

Whilst Germaine, the muse Germaine is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. I can't plug anything she's doing right now as she, like a comet, can only be viewed for brief moments in a cloudless sky. Or something.

And thanks again to Roxy and Umber for their help on filming day. It really is a very good skill to make a fridge open by itself and they helped create one of my favourite shots in the whole thing.

As for the new project, I've been working on some things, which I will show you in the next few days. But for now I'm off to bask in the glory of a job well done (and hopefully vanquish the image of George Osborne in a nappy from my mind forever - perhaps I can gouge it out with a spoon in the eye.)

Ahhhhh, lovely........


  1. It's ace! Although I'm slightly gutted you lost the Rocky-style eating montage, I was well looking forward to that :)

    Fits the song really well which is probably the biggest compliment I can give a music video. There's nothing I hate more than a music video which hasn't paid any attention to the mood or pacing of the song. Some great shots (loved McKeith going in the bin).

    Slightly envious about the eating montages. That looked fun :)

    The tune is wicked as well, might have to check out some more. Is this someone you know?

    I'm well impressed!

  2. Thanks Phil! i'm very proud myself. We did keep a bit of the montage - thanks to Roxy and Umber who discovered that the secret to cracking creme eggs into a blender is to microwave them for 2 seconds first.
    Such skills my friends have!