Wednesday, 12 May 2010

All you need is mugs.

Hello lovely people, apologies for the moody obsession with politics in the last few weeks. Everything is fine now, we're in the hands of a new government who will do nothing but make sure they live up to their myriad of election promises.


And I can go back to screaming about proper things like feminism and dirty cups.

Yes children, for this week I have created myself a safe haven from having to acknowledge that the words "George Osborne is Chancellor of the Exchequer" aren't just a silly joke. I have made myself a bunker of art, where I'm stockpiling the nuclear weapons of ideas to one day fight the demons in my head. Like every good hippy should.

On Monday I'll be announcing what my challenge for the month is, by then the music video should be all lovely and filmed and will become a runaway internet success, spreading positive body image messages to women all over the world. Suddenly I'll be a huge and resounding success, finally maybe I'll find the love that always evaded me and I can hold up two fingers to all those bastards who called me names at school. FINALLY the world will realise that I should be it's supreme leader and ..................


Anyway, in the meantime I've been putting together photo stories with dirty cups. Essentially this is because the dishwasher on my floor at work has broken down and there's been a cup mountain stand-off going on for a month now. It's very exciting and nail biting. No one will own up to owning the dirty cups. So instead of being nice and washing them I decided to make "art" instead. It's a taster for next month's fun.

Tune in tomorrow when the cups become a flash mob xxxx

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