Saturday, 26 June 2010

Two more, then I'm off on holiday

Hello people - all 15 of you, it's lovely to see you here.
I'm going on holiday in eleven minutes. In my absence I hope you can all behave yourselves and, most importantly, survive the pain of not reading every goddamn thought that comes into my mind.

For those who can't - all 1 of you, I'm going to try and blog from Berlin, if my brother's computer decides to work.

If not - see you later suckers.
Here's a little something to keep you going (p.s. I'm supposed to be starting a new task soon, but have been distracted by Deirdre, Claire and Louise and Tommy and Baggy - there's something very soothing about spending entire Saturdays being rubbish on photoshop. However I will get around to it soon.)

Love love love xxxx

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