Friday, 18 June 2010

The opposite of hate World Cup special

Okay, so it's an unlikely title for a blog from a confirmed football hater - but seriously, for some reason or other the 2010 World Cup has reached a Lassoo milestone.

Yes dear readers, for the first time in the cup's 828 (or something) year history I don't give a shit about the world cup.

 I don't find myself being annoyed at all the twatty plastic St George's flags everywhere - even the ones that see fit to write ENGLAND across them, as if you didn't know what they actually stood for in the first place. Nor am I irritated by the tens of thousands of companies who think it's brilliant to use the World Cup to hock their shitty products 24 hours a day. I care not for the casual sexism of ejected blondes in orange or the casual xenophobia of pundits only giving a shit about a national team who really aren't going to win - because you have to score goals to win.

I can safely say that the World Cup has barely affected my life, and as a result I feel a vague warmth toward the competition and its followers.

So in celebration of me not being pissed off by football, here it is folks - the Opposite of hate World Cup Special.

Extra points to anyone who gets the film that the last one is quoted - who isn't related to me. xxxxx


  1. I still maintain you should use the Crouch one

  2. Hah, I love these :D. Especially the last one - I have no idea where it's from but it works brilliantly.

    Funnily enough I'm feeling exactly the same about the football this year. It's quite a nice change to be filled with sunny apathy instead of grumbling hate.