Sunday, 13 June 2010

The adventures of Claire and Louise

This month has been all about countering the television concept of reality, and I think I've hit on the perfect way. 

I'd like to introduce Claire and Louise. Claire and Louise are peg doll angels that were constructed by an eight year old Tommy Lassoo in a kitchen somewhere in the picturesque but otherwise evil town of Felixstowe. Since being created they've sat on Christmas trees every year and generally been up to no good. So much so that they've been sent to London for a few months to stop them from terrorising Ma and Pa Lassoo. 

like a good and evil media bastard, instead of curbing their wild behaviour I've just taken photos of it to spread to the wider world. It's like The Hills - only fun and interesting. 

So, for your delectation, please welcome episode one of The Adventures of Claire and Louise.......
(I've got to start coming up with snappier titles for things). 

The End. 

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