Friday, 18 June 2010

The adventures of Tommy and Baggy episode 2

I'm concerned about Maxi Dresses. 
I feel a little bit like I'm sitting waiting for the first wave of maxi dress casualties to start flooding in. They're like foxes in London - sure they look pretty, but all they want to do is maim you and eat your brains. 
I bet Bryan May supports maxi dresses too. And Anita Dobson. 

What if a bear tried to chase you, if you were wearing a maxi dress you'd never make it. Never. 

These things frighten me about contemporary fashion. 

Anyway - without further ado, here's episode 2 of Tommy and Baggy (starring Kirstie Alley, Drew Barrymore took out a restraining order was busy).......


  1. It comes to something when even the cows won't speak to you. Why does that Muller cow want to be a horse? Has she been brainwashed by meejer images of sexy horses running around the place and can no longer be happy with her own body?

    I had to Google maxi dress to find out what they were, is it basically just a long dress?

  2. Yup, it's basically a long dress. I saw a few in Covent Garden the other day and the owners looked perilously close to tripping over with every step they took. It filled me with fear! Fear I say!