Monday, 21 June 2010

Those pesky angels

The adventures of Claire and Louise part 2....... 


  1. I hate it when I get pissed and wake up with a headless body looming over me

  2. An older (and much, much wiser) member of the Lassoo clan22 June 2010 at 11:26

    And lo, it came to pass, that in the land of Endor was a witch that kept a familiar spirit

    And the name of the spirit was named Tommy Lassoo

    And it did wail across the land with wailing cries and the people were sore afflicted

    And they did cry unto the spirit "Spirit, why cryest thou for it is bloody annoying and interrupting Hollyoaks?", for the people of the land were common and somewhat thick

    And the spirit that was named Tommy Lassoo did wail unto them that no-one wouldst comment upon its blog and was it because of the smell

    And the people did reply unto the spirit saying "well frankly yes, plus there's the whole Endor thing and we were worried in case you were some sort of fucking Ewok or whatever".

    And the spirit did say unto them "well fuck off then plus this is like totally the biblical Endor you morons"

    And there was a wailing and a gnashing of teeth...

    I was going to leave this in your 'why does no-one comment bit' but couldn't be bothered to scroll down.


  3. Exactly - what you said.
    I hate it when wailing and gnashing of teeth interrupts Hollyoaks.

  4. Bloody ewoks, coming round here and interrupting Hollyoaks

    That was the point, right?