Saturday, 24 April 2010


I've done it!   Here's the draft. If you fancy a read then you're more than welcome. Please feel free to leave comments below. I may or may not ignore them xxxx

1. INT - BEDROOM - MORNING:                                  
Close up: Our HEROINE’S face, surrounded by murk as she’s    
lying down. Her eyes are wide open and her face is blank.    
She closes her eyes in a wince and covers her face with her  
  We pull back slightly to reveal the two filthy pillows that  
 she’s lying on. One is propped behind her head, the other    
lies next to her, a photograph in a broken frame lies on top
of it.                                                      
She rolls over onto her side and stares longingly at the    
 2. CLOSE UP - PHOTO:                                        
The photo shows two people, our HEROINE and her BOYFRIEND.    The HEROINE is holding a large trophy and grinning excitedly at the camera, chocolate covering her face. BOYFRIEND is staring at her lovingly. They have their arms wrapped around each other.                      
3. INT - BEDROOM - MORNING:                                  
She looks longingly towards the door.                        
4. INT - KITCHEN - MORNING:                                                        A squalid kitchen, grimy and somewhat abandoned. Dressed in  
 a dressing gown and novelty slippers our heroine walks over  
to the refrigerator.                                        
She opens the fridge and it casts an eery light in the grubby room. She looks inside.                              
 5. INT - FRIDGE:                                            
 Light falls on the interior of the open fridge. It is a turgid sight. An uncompromising white light throws the green speckles and unknown orange looking substances into the forefront. The fridge is almost empty, flanked only by half  a tin of something mouldy, an exploding green pot of low fat cottage cheese and a rusty looking can of diet soda. She  sadly shuts the fridge door without taking anything.                                                               
6. INT - KITCHEN - MORNING:                                  
 Our HEROINE steps away from the fridge, disappointed.        
                                                                                                                 7. EXT - STREET - DAY:                                      
A lonely, dirty and bleak street, topped with grey skies and litter strewn around the floor. Our HEROINE trudges sadly down the road, holding  a wilting carrier bag.                                        
 She comes to a poster taped to a nearby lamp post, grainy and photocopied, barely legible. She stops short and stares at it.                                                  
8. CLOSE UP - POSTER:                                        
Tattered at the edges, the poster reads: "Are you Queen of the eats?" "Come and prove yourself."          
                                                                                                                 9. EXT -  STREET - DAY:
 She stands staring at the poster. The carrier bag drops from
her hand - spreading its meagre content of a wilted looking carrot and a child’s yoghurt on the floor.                  
Two people walk past, chattering happily, they look at the poster and then towards our HEROINE, who shrinks under their gaze. The pair nudge each other and walk away giggling. Our HEROINE gazes down to her navel and pulls the waistband of her baggy trousers out, revealing a space where a stomach used to be.                                        Determinedly wiping tears away she reaches out and plucks the poster from the lamp post, quickly folding it in two and walking away.                                                
The bag and spilled groceries stay where they are.                                                                               
11. INT - BEDROOM - EARLY MORNING:                          
 A close up of an old digital alarm clock reads 6:00, a hand slams on top of it, whacking the snooze button.                                                                               
12. INT - FRIDGE - DAY:                                      
 Fridge door opens. Hand reaches in and takes out the red milk, extra light cheese products and replaces them with a  huge block of cheese, trifle, blue milk, more cheese and a massive block of lard.                      

13. COOKING MONTAGE:                                        
Onions are chopped. Peppers are chopped. Eggs are cracked    
into a bowl. Butter is melted in a frying pan. Onions thrown in. Mushrooms thrown in. Eggs thrown in. cheese grated on top.                                                        
14. INT - KITCHEN - DAY:                                    
 Our HEROINE sits at the table, a giant sized omelette in  front of her, she takes a couple of deep and very serious breaths, then, with a fierce look of concentration on her face, she tucks in. Fast and ferociously.                    
15. EATING MONTAGE:                                          
1. Our HEROINE lies on the floor in front of a chair, on the chair is a pile of sushi. She is in the sit up position. She performs sit ups and every time she comes to the top she eats a piece of the sushi.                                  
 2. Our HEROINE is in the press up position, a bowl of roast potatoes in front of her. Every time she goes down into the press up position she eats a potato.                        
 3. Our HEROINE is performing squats - after completing each squat she downs a bite of pizza.                            
4. Our HEROINE eats four cream crackers in a row without drinking any water.                                          
5. our HEROINE eats two jam doughnuts in a row without licking her lips.                                            
6. She stands by the blender in the kitchen and resolutely pours milk into the blender, followed by a dollop of ice cream. She then throws three cream eggs in a row into the blender and presses the button. After blending she takes a  long swig.                                                  
MONTAGE ENDS                                                
16. INT - KITCHEN - DAY:                                    
Our HEROINE lies in amongst debris on her kitchen floor. She is panting and out of breath, her face is covered in crumbs.  Surrounding her are pizza boxes, vegetable peelings and food wrappers. She looks extremely ill and has one hand on her  stomach. A huge grin spreads across her face.                                
17. EXT - VENUE - NIGHT:                                    
We follow our HEROINE down a dark and overgrown path. She heads towards a dim light. Reaching the light she walks through a door and into the venue.                            

18. INT - VENUE - NIGHT:                                    
The venue is dark and cramped, swathed in shadows. A large table sits in the middle, laden high with a huge bowl of  porridge. Two contestants sit at the table, both women. CONTESTANT ONE looks slightly ill.

At the head of the table sits NEMESIS - a mountain of a woman with a mean face and an eye patch.                                                  
Someone gives the signal and both women start downing bowls of porridge. NEMESIS does so with a particular venom,  devouring the food in seconds and wiping her face with callous disregard for human life.                            
CONTESTANT ONE - clearly cannot take it any more and keels  over sideways clutching her stomach.                        
NEMESIS laughs callously and waves her arms triumphantly.    
She bares her teeth and the crowd go wild.                  
Our HEROINE steps forward and takes the chair from CONTESTANT ONE - awkwardly shifting her prostrate body out  
of the way first.                                            
CU - NEMESIS’ eyes                                          
CU - HEROINE’s eyes                                          
NEMESIS bares her teeth. HEROINE does not respond, her face  
a picture of concentration.                                  
Their bowls are filled with porridge and the games begin    
again. They furiously start downing the stuff, NEMESIS with  
callous anger, HEROINE stoically.                            
We see the faces of the people in the crowd as they watch,  intensity in their barred teeth and red eyes. They pass cash  around and scream out their support or anger.                
They gobble away with intensity brewing until all the
porridge is gone.                                            
NEMESIS looks towards the ORGANISER, a wily woman, who shrugs, panicking.  
NEMESIS angrily throws her bowl to the floor and the crowd
go wild.                                                    
ORGANISER places a bowl full of Mars Bars on the table. They
begin eating for a painstaking few moments.                  
NEMESIS’ face is expressive, anger, pain and eventually
exhaustion coupled with deep determination.                  
Our HEROINE remains resolutely calm. Chewing quickly and    
NEMESIS falters and the crowd pull back in anticipation.    
HEROINE takes another stoic bite.                            
In a fit of anger NEMESIS leaps over the table and, in slow motion, pokes HEROINE in the stomach with an angry, podgy finger.                                                      
Stricken, our HEROINE falters, her face crumples up with
pain. She gulps once, twice and recoils in horror.          
The crowd look on. Painful disappointment shining in their eyes. They are urging her to go on.....                      
HEROINE looks up, half doubled over, tears in her eyes. She
falls forward and then looks up, surprised as......          
BOYFRIEND walks in. He pushes his way through the crowd and  
runs in toward her. Their eyes meet. He smiles, She smiles.  
With a tremendous feat of effort HEROINE stands tall and
doggedly reaches for a final Mars Bar. The crowd go wild,
leaping into the air as she eats it. BOYFRIEND joins them,  punching the air triumphantly.                              
NEMESIS’ eyes roll back in her head and she keels over
Our HEROINE triumphantly runs to BOYFRIEND and they embrace.
The crowd surge. She is handed a new trophy. We freeze frame
as she is handed a new trophy which she holds proudly aloft,
BOYFRIEND looking lovingly at her.                          


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  1. I'm really sorry about the layout guys - for some reason I can't seem to control it when I post. It looks fine when I edit it. grrrrrrr.

  2. i like it jess, your world is a topsy turvy one X