Monday, 19 April 2010

Creativity, if this were top trumps you'd be the winning card by miles.

That girl thinks she's the queen of the neighbourhood. I've got news for you. She is! Bikini Kill

I love screenwriting.

I really love it.

It's like waking up on Christmas day and being hugged by kittens whilst eating chocolate and listening to Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground. (N.b when it's going badly it's like waking up with a hangover, going to a funeral and having to eat a mayonnaise sandwich whilst listening to R Kelly - but I'm not at that point right now so let's just pretend it doesn't exist.)

I love screenwriting so much that I quit my MA in screenwriting because a talk by the producer of, well let's just say some really bad British films (don't ever look into his eyes, he'll eat your soul) who would have demanded the Pulp Fiction be linear, Citizen Cane have more tits in it or Blue to have a fight scene, made me realise that I couldn't continue to favour such a shitty industry that cheapened such a poetic art (not laziness, really, that's why I dropped out of the previous MA.)

Suffice to say that task 2 is going rather well so far. I've finished the first draft of the screenplay, it's probably a cross between Rocky, The Running Man and The Karate Kid, but with Mars Bars. Watch this space.

In the meantime, to celebrate all things that are lovely and great (can you tell I had a marvellous and creative weekend?!) here are a couple more inspirational music videos.

This is superb. Although, watching it now it makes me realise that I might have hideously ripped it off with my screenplay! I love the American sports genre - it's so easy to play with, it's such a simple format and it's so cheeseball emotive. This video captures it perfectly, Spike Jonze captures a great range of characters really simply. Although, that said, it did take seeing them five times to realise that I don't really like the Chemical Brothers! Oh well, got there in the end. I also agree with the comment on Youtube "I don't see why they used Sofia Coppola when it was clear that another woman did all the stunts." 

Okay one more:

Oldie but a goodie. One note - Pearl Jam, prompted by this song, wrote an impromptu number called "Bee girl" which they still drag out at live gigs. Great song although it does show that Eddie Vedder may be lacking a sense of irony (lyrics "bee girl, you're gonna die, you don't wanna be famous, you wanna be shy") - something which I'll have to iron out once we're married.

This is all.


  1. Being hugged by kittens? I could understand wanting to hug a kitten, but that's kind've terrifying. How big would they be?

  2. I'm thinking giant kittens with scary forepaws. It might seem frightening at first but their protection against the giant mice would be worth it. xx