Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Working on it, I promise

Hey there cats and kittens.

Two days in and I'm chopping up a storm. I know I promised pictures - and obviously the three people who read this blog have been waiting anxiously to find out exactly which clothes I deeply disapprove of in a Mary Whitehouse stylee (hi Alex, Galvatron and Angela by the way! love you!), but not having a camera seems to have got in my way. I tried just looking at them and hoping that Macs had some sort of device where I could bluetooth directly from my eyes, but you have to pay extra for that so I'm just going to wait for someone with a camera phone to walk past my bedroom. It should happen soon - even though my bedroom is a million floors up.

Anyway, the first task is fully underway. I bought a small treasury of bad slogan and crappy logo t-shirts in my local charity shops (RSPCA and Sir William Crookes on Caledonian Road if you're interested) - both of which had far too many good items, we really had to dig deep for the crap!) and last night I dutifully cut out all the letters (whilst watching the 70's Bollywood classic Bombay to Goa - well worth the watch for a) amazing fight scenes and sound effects not that rival Police Academy 7 b) the theme song - which is an Indian version of Help Me Rhonda by the Beach Boys, but with different lyrics c) massive fuck off eyeliner and d) a young Amitabh Bachchan - yummy yummy yummy yummy yum. Yum) to make new, and more juvenile slogans. "I ATE KATE MOSS" is well on the way.

If anyone can think of good slogans please comment below - I'm a bit strapped for inspiration and rubbish at this sort o' ting.

Right - off to sit in a bar swooning at the boy playing records and stitching letters onto a t-shirt.


  1. I followed you too just to make you feel wanted. I subscribe to your rss though (yeah, that would be me)

  2. Aww, thanks Evans, now I do feel wanted!! and I have an RSS? Wow, mum I made it!

  3. This is a bit long for a slogan, and also you would need the letters m e n over and over again which maybe hard to come by but here's my slogan:
    mental breakdown

    ever notice how a lot of bad things begin with men?
    Kate O xxx