Sunday, 7 March 2010

Well that rocked

All the money's gone, but I can sing a song and I never thought I had a pretty voice until I almost died - Julianna Hatfield

So yesterday rocked. I'm a little stumped for what to say - shocking I know. It's always more difficult to express positive emotions than negative ones. Hate is cool, hate is rock 'n roll, I want to kill you always makes for better songs than I love you. Fuck it, i'm just gonna risk sounding like Oprah for a minute. It's really really humbling to see so many people gathered in one place to stand up and shout about something.

There were several really poignant moments for me yesterday, listening to women from Uganda, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Iran speak of struggling against violence and prejudice with nothing but grace and strength made me realise how lucky I am, whilst also reminding me that any society that objectifies and dehumanises anyone, in any form, needs to be tackled.

With the wonderful Alex and Dre by my side we spread the cookie love to our sisters yesterday .

I know it's stupid to be scared about giving out free cookies, it's not as if I was trying to flog anything or hand out a hate manifesto, but I think it's pretty natural now to be scared of unknown people. Call it a climate of fear, extreme stage fright or too much Eastenders, I had planned worst case scenarios in my mind - from scary right wingers attacking to extreme nut allergies. Of course none of this happened. Of course I'm a neurotic idiot. Free cookies did exactly what they needed to - spread the love.
So now the slate is wiped clean. I've handed out a cookie to a sister for everything that's pissed me off so far this year, I've faced my first stupid and pointless fear and proved it to be exactly that, stupid and pointless. The burden is lifted, it's time to start afresh.
On the 15th March (pay day! Too skint to start right now!) I'm going to be back to announce my first month long task for this blog. Watch this space......


  1. Photos by Alex by the way - such a talented young lady!

  2. Hi! I got one of your delicious cookies and have finally got around to checking out your blog. I love your project and will be following it online :).

    I'm also impressed by what you wrote about the march - I just tried to sum it up, several weeks after the fact, and found it really difficult. (On my blog, which doesn't appear on my profile - Bellis Perennis. I linked to you in my post.)

    It's nice to have met you. Good luck!