Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The healing power of brothers....

Hey hey hey,

I was going to take this blogging opportunity to forward the narrative a bit. I was going to blog about how I'd reached the third act crisis of this particular project, I was feeling grumpy and tired and blah blah bloody blah. But I'm not going to - as much as I'd love a book deal I don't think having a bit of a headache and it raining in London would cut it in the world of shitty publishing about people's pained childhoods. I could always start my own genre of people bitching about the aforementioned minor ailments - but I think Elizabeth Wurtzell has it covered for everyone. (Okay okay I know that the Opposite of Hate isn't being mean to Elizabeth Wurtzell, but it's so easy to do......)

So anyway - I'm going to focus on the love being generated by this blog. Well, okay love might be taking it a bit far, but I've managed to inspire not one but both of my big brothers.

I'm deeply impressed by this - does it mean that the years of face farting, discussion of the scene in the African Queen with the leeches whilst on a rubber dingy in a big pond aged 9 and being referred to as smellbag, wicked Aunt or, my personal favourite Auntie Tartface are over? I doubt it, but here are my big bro's efforts at the cause - I'm truly humbled (but you both smell).

Let's start with Jake. Jake has promised to set up his own blog where:
 "For every piece of good news (I believe there still is some somewhere) I am going to do something horrible. This week in a celebration of how the whole world is publically realising that Catholicism is a backwards and out of date anachronism run by paedos, I am going to beat up some kittens with a plank of wood."

And Dylan? continuing the kitten theme: Dylan emailed me this:
"I have attached a picture for your blog - it is a lovely kitten in a sock. Admittedly the kitten is gratuitous (actually I don't think kittens are ever gratuitous but thats another issue).

And the sock of course is (wait for it) - the opposite of a hat."

Awwwwww. It's like the scene in Home Alone when he realises that he misses his family, or that scene in INSERT NAME OF FAMILY FILM HERE where the family are all happy having been through some sort of madcap scrape. Or that scene in that film with Michael J Fox and Joan Jett that I've never seen but REALLY want to because they both play rock musicians and she's a troubled single mum - damn that film sounds amazing, probably even better than Prayer of the Rollerboys (if that's possible).
So, in honour of the healing power of big brothers I'm going to move this puppy forward. The collection (as I'm now referring to it, as I'm very very powerful in the fashion world and that) is going to get a proper outing. I'm going to be setting up and filming my very first fashion show - probably in a park somewhere when it isn't raining, using anyone I can find who can't run away quickly - as models.
Watch this space kids - let it begin.

What do you mean you don't care?




  2. no-one related to anyone at all30 March 2010 at 12:03

    The kitten / sock combo was clearly the product of some sort of super genius - I am very impressed with the brilliance of your brother there.

    And this is DEFINITELY NOT me, I mean him, writing this comment smellbag.