Sunday, 25 July 2010

The one where we get V to fake labour in the middle of a busy airport in Berlin......

Hey hey hey,
I've decided to upload my new video at last, I think it's done, i'm not really sure but if I keep working on it I'll probably go insane and no one wants that.

Just a few words explanation - The music is by There's a Mountain - who not only rock hard at this myspace page but are also 70% related to me.

The star of the show is V - who I'm sure has a myspace which I'll find out ASAP!

The whole thing was filmed in record time thanks to V and Em, my beloved sister in law / best friend and the world's best fake pregnancy designer.

The concept was supposed to be an airport dash in the style of any rom com worth it's salt - I wanted to fuck around with the genre whilst celebrating all things cheesey - let me know if you think it works.

Bad Man by There's a Mountain

bunchofsavages | MySpace Video


  1. The waters breaking is a great moment :)

  2. Thanks Phil! The next video is going to be better! I'm in the planning process right now. He he he! xxx