Thursday, 12 August 2010

Phil on crack special....

I love soap operas. I love them so much that Emily and I once spent at least five hours laughing one Christmas day when we realised that our friend Phil - if he changed his middle names could be called Phillip Martin Barry Evans.

Anyway - Eastenders has surpassed itself this week, beating Zammo from Grange Hill's infamous dragon chasing; Brookside's cult and Bouncer's Dream in one gigantic leap for soap kind.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking, of course, about notable TV hardman Phil Mitchell - on crack!

In tribute to this televisual feast I've created a special edition of Deirdre.

Take it away Phil.......


  1. Best. Episode. Ever. I cant help but imagine a world where every soap has it's own resident crack head. *sigh*

    Dont try this at home, kids.

    Loo. x

  2. You're right Loo - each soap deserves its own crack head. Maybe they could work it into some sort of new deal type thing.....

  3. I've always been a fan of Sunset Beach. Voodoo (involving cornflakes), evil twins, baby swapping, wives returning from the dead, and dream sequences galore, even one where everyone dressed as chess pieces.

    It was a work of genius.

    However what it didn't have was a crackhead. Perfection is a tricky thing to attain I guess.